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Toast of the Coast is an advanced Toastmasters club. All of our members have at least achieved their Competent Communicator designation and are looking to increase their skill through the combined experience of the other members. All our members are members of at least one other club and are very serious about increasing their public speaking skills.

There is an increased emphasis on evaluation in our club. In addition to the standard evaluation from the speech manual, members receive a roundtable evaluation and they have the opportunity to respond to the comments.

We have a combined 200 years of experience in Toastmasters, have served as Area and District Governors, competed at the Regional level of the speech contests and come from several different professional background. If you want to learn from our experience why not visit one of our meetings?

See how you can take your Toastmasters experience to the next level.


Effective Evaluations

by Heather Perkins, DTM

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Evaluation is what makes Toastmasters unique. Not only do we get evaluation of our speeches, we also get the meeting as a whole evaluated. Now, with the Competent Leadership manual, we can get an evaluation of most roles we undertake within the club.

Effective evaluations can be a determinant of club success. How can you ensure that your club members give effective evaluations? To help with this, you can periodically present the Successful Club Series module Evaluate to Motivate. An even better tool for improving evaluations is the Success/Communication program Effective Evaluation. This module will require a full two-hour meeting or could be split into two one hour sessions. This module provides valuable information for new members and a good refresher for experienced members. (read more)


Meeting Information

2nd, 4th and 5th Saturdays
9 am to 11 am

The Board Room, 2nd Floor
Steele Chevrolet
636 Portland St, Dartmouth

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